Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY: Christmas Card Garland

So, it's been more than a week since my last post and I have to apologize. It's been quite hectic in this house with the end of semester finals and projects, teaching, holiday parties, and Monday night Jaguar football!  With the holidays officially in full swing I decided to try my hand at a quick and easy Christmas project.  I don't know about you, but every year I get tons of cute Christmas cards from my family and friends and they just end up lying around on the counter in a big pile.  So, this year I decided to make a Christmas card garland to display all the creative cards with inspiration from a Make and Takes pin I pinned on Pinterest awhile back.  It's super easy and can hang anywhere you want!

Supplies for Christmas Card Garland:
  • Small wooden clothespins
  • Acrylic paint & foam brush
  • Coordinating buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Christmas ribbon (3- 5 yds. depending on where you hang your garland)

1. Paint your mini clothespins in a color that will coordinate with your ribbon with                          your acrylic paint and foam brush. Allow to dry.
2. Attach a button with hot glue to the top of each clothespin on the end                                         where you pinch to open the pin.

3. Cut a 3 to 5 yard piece of ribbon for your garland. The length will depend on where                     you are going to hang it, so measure first and cut once.

4. Clip Christmas cards to ribbon with clothespins, hang somewhere you can see it,                            and enjoy the creative Christmas greetings!

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