Thursday, December 13, 2012

Embracing the Camera 12/13

Sometimes it's hard to get in the picture.  Especially after after a baby when you don't think you look like yourself and you definitely don't think you look good.  But, I've finally started choosing to embrace the camera and get in some pictures with my new baby.  One day he'll love looking at the pictures of us together or as a family.  He'll tell me how young I look and that I was pretty.  One day, when he's thirty, he might savor a picture of his mom and him as a baby, just like I do of the few pictures I have of me and my mom.  They are sweet.  They remind me that life is precious.  They make me live in the moment, which can be really hard to do.  So, a big thank you to my friend, Ruth, with her blog Viva Veltoro for reminding me to do this.

Baby boy and me embracing the camera(phone).

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