Friday, December 14, 2012

High 5 for Friday

So, here are my 5 things this week that I'm high fiving:

1.  My adorable baby boy just keeps getting more adorable.

2.  We got a Christmas tree and decorated it.  I love looking at the Christmas tree 
all lit up in a dark room.

3.  Got my gifts in the mail that I ordered from Etsy for our annual My Favorite Things Party with my friends next week (more about that later.)  I can't show you a picture yet just 
incase one of them reads this. :)

4.  Adorable baby boy started sleeping in his crib and has been sleeping 10.5-11 hours every night!

5.  And finally, I've been reinspired (is that a word??) with my blog.  Excited!

I'm linking up with Lauren at My Grey Desk Blog for High 5 for Friday
 thanks to Kate at The Small Things blog which I love!


  1. Don't you feel like a new woman now that your cutie is sleeping so well??!

    I'm excited for you about your presents!!! I want to know what they are :-)

    1. Yes! Hoping he'll keep it up! Check back after the 22nd and I 'll be posting about our Favorite Things party!


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