Friday, December 21, 2012

High 5 for Friday

It's all about Christmas this week.

1.  Baby boy has been a good boy this year and went to visit Santa.  How awesome is that Santa?  And, of course, how cute is baby boy in his smocked Christmas tree outfit?

2.  Went to an annual cookie exchange at my friend's house.  The cookies are good, but it's more about the conversation and spending time with my friends that I don't get to see often enough.

3.  Christmas shopping is done and everything is wrapped and hanging out under
the tree until next week.

4.  Displaying all my adorable Christmas cards from this year on my Christmas card garland.  Saved it from last year and it's looking good.

5.  I finally have a reason to wear my party shoes!  2nd annual Couples Bunko party tonight.
We do it every Christmas.   Can't wait!  Roll dice, drink wine, have fun.  And tonight
we do it with the husbands.  (And no, bunko isn't just an old ladies game.)

How was your week?

Link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog #H54F


  1. Man, I wish we lived closer so we could join Bunko night! Merry First Christmas to your little man :)

    1. Me too! Hope you all had a great Christmas!

  2. Your baby is so cute!!! (: That's awesome that you got all your shopping done!! You go girl! (: Merry Christmas! Found you from H5FF! you can find me here:

  3. I wish I had been invited to a cookie exchange party! :/ Cute shoes.

    1. Cookie exchange parties are a double edged sword. Yummy, but causes me to engage in way too much cookie eating!

  4. I LOVE the sparkley(?) shoes, very pretty! Found you at Lauren's H54F! Have a great week!


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