Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Lessons #2- Just a few more tips I've learned so far.

This week I'm sharing a few more random tidbits of what I've learned since Baby Boy was born.  
If you missed it earlier, check out Baby Lessons #1.

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1.  Buy baby stuff at garage sales and consignment sales.  I am not a garage saler normally, but a few months after I found out I was pregnant all the neighborhood spring yard sales started happening.  I scoped out when the fancy neighborhoods were having theirs (usually it was posted on Craigslist or on signs in front of the neighborhoods) and got up early on those Saturday mornings to see what treasures I could come home with.  It paid off.  I mostly looked for big ticket items that were in good condition.  I found a nice swing, crib mattress, high chair, baby carrier, Jeep jogging stroller and two gliders.  I also found some nice board books, clothes, and other smaller stuff.  I was picky about what I got.  It had to be in nice condition and working practically perfectly.  Since I really tried to save with a lot of baby things I was able to splurge with others.  So my savings basically went to new furniture and Pottery Barn bedding.  (Darn, PB is so expensive, but cute.)  But, it sure did feel good to get what I want and save money.

2.  Babies don't really do anything the first month or so.  They eat, sleep, poop and hang out.  I was really worried that I was a bad mom because I couldn't "play" with my baby.  Then I talked to a couple of friends because I was worried that all he did was lie around. They basically said "Yeah, he's a newborn.  That's what he does."  Oh, okay.  Super.  So, the first month or so,  Baby Boy had a rotation between hanging out in the Boppy Lounger, swinging in his swing, sitting in the vibrating chair, eating, sleeping, and the occasional tummy time.  Obviously, you can talk, read, sing, etc. to your baby.  Just don't expect a lot from them in response.  Clearly, this changes every week (day really) as your baby learns new stuff.

3.  You will mourn your old life.  It's inevitable and it's normal.  Don't feel guilty.  The first month is the hardest and then it starts getting better and better.  Someone once told me that it gets easier every 3-4 weeks or so because that's about how often babies have new developments.  That makes sense and was about right for me. The first one or two months everyone I saw would say the same thing, "The lack of sleep is the hardest thing, but it gets better."  Honestly, for me that wasn't the hardest thing.  For me it was the sense that my life was never going to be the same.  Ever.  Again.  It took a little while to get over that, but you just do.  You now have a new life and it's most likely gonna be so much better.  My turning point was when Baby Boy started smiling at me.  Once he did that it was like a whole new ball game. The kid is seriously cute!

4.  Some days you'll get a lot done and some days you'll still be in you pajamas at 5:00 p.m.  In fact, you may never take them off that day.  That's just what happens sometimes.

5.  Your house will now be full of baby stuff.  Yep.  It's true.  I'm not a neat freak or anything, but I liked to have to my main home areas (family room, kitchen) looking nice and clutter free the majority of the time.  That is practically impossible now.  Right now in my family room I have 2 different baby swings, an activity gym on the floor, the boppy lounger, a basket of toys, a stack of books, and a car seat carrier.  And it's like that everyday.  Don't worry, you get used to it.

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