Monday, January 14, 2013

Infantino Deluxe Twist & Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat Review

I was very lucky to be the recipient of the Infantino Go Gaga Deluxe twist & fold 
activity gym and play mat.  I couldn't wait for my little one to try it.

I broke it open right away because I was so excited.  The first thing that jumps out at you about this product is the beautiful colors and patterns.  The play mat looks like a gorgeous vintage quilt.  All the fabric designs are fun and colorful and the mat itself is plush and soft for baby to lay on.   The arms of the activity gym are covered in corresponding fabrics.

The arms were super easy to attach to the mat with a plastic hook that fed through the mat and clipped on the bottom.  The mat still laid perfectly flat when it was all assembled, which is really nice.  I've had other play mats that would bunch up in certain places because of where the arms hooked to the mat.  That wasn't happening here!  The play mat is also a really nice size.  It gives baby plenty of room to lay or roll without rolling right off the mat.

The activity gym comes with some super cute plush toys and musical mobile.  As you can see in the photo, all of the jungle animal toys are so adorable and colorful.  They definitely catch baby's eye.  They also have crinkly parts and are made of different kinds of material to entice all of baby's senses.  The mobile winds up and play a soothing tune.  It doesn't even get annoying after hearing it about hundred times, so that's a good thing!  I do wish the music would play longer though, as I had to wind it often to keep Baby Boy entertained.  The mobile also has two butterflies that turn for baby to look at while lying on their back.  My son loved the mobile!  He doesn't have a mobile in his crib, so he watched those turning butterflies every time I wound it up.  I guess I need to get him a mobile for his crib!

 Here is the gym fully assembled.  
Along with the mobile and plush toys, it also has a square mirror that 
Velcros to the arms and a little pillow for tummy time.

Baby Boy is 4 months old and loves to lie on his back and is rolling over all the time to his tummy, so I really liked how big this mat was.  He was never really rolling onto the carpet.  Like I said before, he loved the mobile.  His favorite plush toy was definitely the giraffe.  The toys did hang a little high.  He was able to bat at them, but a smaller baby may not be able to reach them at the top loop.  There was a lower loop on each arm that the toy could hang from, however that would put the toys off towards the sides of the mat instead of the middle.  The little pillow was perfect for supporting Baby Boy during tummy time.  He tends to not like tummy time very much since it's pretty tough to hold up that big 'ol head, but he was able to tolerate it for a lot longer using the pillow.  It was the perfect shape to fit right under his arms.

I absolutely LOVED how easy this was to fold up and put away.  All you had to do was twist the top, fold in the play mat, and velcro the straps around it all.  All of the toys and mirror just fold into it all.  So easy!  Look how it all just fits in the nook next to the sofa when we're not using it.  Then, when Baby Boy wants to play on it again I just undo the straps and click the arms into place.  Everything is is already ready to go!  So much better than other activity gyms that stay fully assembled and take up so much space in the middle of your family room ALL of the time.

Visit the Infantino website for more great products.
You can purchase the Infantino Go GaGa! Deluxe Twist & Fold Activity Gym and Playmat at Target for $49.99

**I have received the Go GaGa! Deluxe Twist & Fold Gym from Infantino to facilitate my review.**


  1. This activity gym is super cute - I love the bright colors! Great review and photos. Looks like your baby boy had a great time playing!

  2. That is super cute!!! I would so get one if my son was younger <3

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  4. I'm really loving the look of the plush animals that hang down. Glad to see that the moneky is partially wooden. Very cute!!!

  5. I miss the activity gym my daughter had. I didn't think I'd find one cuter, but here I am! And there it is!

  6. Both of my boys loved these little mats!!

  7. Love that activity gym. So cute & fun.


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