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Happy Family Baby Review

Happy Baby Review & Giveaway

I was provided samples to facilitate this review at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Happy Family was launched on Mother’s Day 2006, and is owned and operated by moms.  They are one of the leading organic food brands that is delivering healthy nutrition for the whole family. Happy Family products are constantly recognized for their great taste and nutrition. Happy Family provides organic foods for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults! It’s delicious, convenient and made for all ages, all stages. What could be happier than that? 

When you feed your child Happy products, every bite really counts. They work with pediatricians and nutritionists to develop healthy recipes that start with the very best organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and grains. But their products are not just organic. They also contain added nutrition when they can — like essential vitamins, minerals, supergrains, and probiotics — so little ones get even more from each bite, and parents are confident they are feeding their children the best. If you're just starting solids with you little one take a look at the Nutrition Guide from Happy Family brands.

I was sent the following Happy items for review:

Happy Bellies Oatmeal Baby Cereal: Happy Bellies Oatmeal Cereal is perfect for babies who are ready to move beyond brown rice cereal. It is enriched with DHA and Choline for brain and eye development and has pre and probiotics for Baby’s immune system support. 

Simple Combos Pouch: Our Happy Baby Simple Combos (6+ months) are pure fruit and vegetable blends created for babies who have graduated from Starting Solids. The fruit and vegetable blends help provide a balanced diet for your baby.

Happy Puffs: Our Happy Puffs are a melt-in-your mouth finger food for babies and toddlers. They are sweetened with 100% fruit and vegetable juice and are fortified with Choline for brain and eye development. Happy Puffs teach baby tactility and self-feeding. Perfect first snack! 

Happy Yogis: Our Happy Yogis are freeze-dried organic fruit and yogurt drops that melt in Baby’s mouth. They are truly a delicious and nutritious treat made with the goodness of organic yogurt and fruit. This yummy snack offers protein, and the added boost of pre and probiotics for digestion.

The first thing we tried was the pear baby food.  Baby Boy loved it!  He loves pears and anything mixed with pears. He actually cried when he was done with these.  He wanted more! 

The Happy Bellies oatmeal was really good too.  Great tasting and not to mention super healthy with DHA, choline, and pre and probiotics.

Our pediatrician told us at our 6 month appointment that Baby Boy could start trying Puffs since he has good trunk control and was starting to crawl.  He said practicing picking them up would be good for fine motor control skills.  So, I thought these Puffs would be perfect for that and I was excited to let him try something new.  The Puffs package says that babies are ready for them when they can crawl on their hands and knees, eat thicker solids, use their jaws to mash foods, and pick up foods on their own.  I tried eating the Puffs and while they did dissolve I didn't think they dissolved fast enough and I was a little apprehensive about giving them to Baby Boy.  I'm probably a little paranoid, but mama knows best!  I did break them in half and let him try them, but I think I'm going to wait a little bit before I let him eat them whole and on his own.  I'm hoping they'll be perfect in a month or two.  These apple puffs had a light apple taste and are sweetened with 100% juice.

 The Happy Yogis are similar to the Puffs in that babies should be ready for them about the same time they are ready for Puffs.  The Yogis packaging also says that babies are ready for them when they can crawl on their hands and knees, eat thicker solids, use their jaws to mash foods, and pick up foods on their own.   These are very flavorful and dissolve very quickly.  It honestly reminds me of space ice cream.  If you've ever had it, the texture and the way they dissolve are very similar. I felt a lot better about letting Baby Boy eat these, although I still break them in half when he eats them for now.  He really does like these.  I'm guessing they are like a nice treat since they are so flavorful!

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Win It:  One lucky winner is going to win a Happiest Baby Package that contains coupons for (1) Happy Bellies, (1) Happy Puffs, (1) Happy Yogis, and (2) Happy Baby pouches (Stage 1, 2, 3 & Tot) Approximate Value: $15
Congratulations Megan S.

Disclosure:  I was provided samples to facilitate this review at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion.   No monetary compensation was or will be received between My Life According to Pinterest and the sponsoring company.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.


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