Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Chore Buddy- You'll never forget trash day again!

Sometimes life just gets so busy, doesn't it?  Work, family, cleaning, cooking and then add on sleep deprivation with a new baby and it's no wonder the simple things like remembering trash day can just completely slip your mind.   And the star on the calendar doesn't always cut it. ;) The Chore Buddy may be one way to make your life a little bit easier.

Phil is the inventor of The Chore Buddy.  After years of moving his family had come to accept forgetting trash day as a part of his life because it always seemed to be on a different day where ever they moved.  To help him remember he thought of the Chore Buddy!  A simple visual alert that he could place on my refrigerator that would let me know that “today is trash day”. What a great way to never forget trash day again! 

Forgetting trash day is a nearly universal experience for families with curbside trash and recycling pickup that creates problems such as: odors, health (hygiene) hazards, pest problems, storage issues, and lost services that we pay for.  According to a national survey, forgetting trash day is a very common problem with 51% of families stating that they forgot trash day at least once in the past three months. I know that we have almost forgotten trash day a few times- especially on those weird weeks for there's a holiday or a day off.  It throws you off all week!
You can just simply put The Chore Buddy on your fridge and it will remind your family that its trash day with a high intensity flashing Light Emitting Diode (LED), not an alarm. The Chore Buddy™ LED will brightly flash for up to one hour or until a family member turns it off with a simple touch. The Chore Buddy™ automatically resets itself to once again alert your family the next week.  There's no annoying alarm that wakes you up in the morning or disturbs the sleeping baby, just the flashing light to remind you.  You can actually put The Chore Buddy anywhere! It has a built in wall hanger and comes with a magnetic and adhesive hook so you can place the Chore Buddy where ever your family will notice it. 

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