Friday, May 31, 2013

High 5 For Friday 5/31

High 5 For Friday!
1.  Baby Boy is standing up and playing with/on his toys now.

2.  He's also learned how to pull up on our ottoman and grab my phone.  (Plus, his very first tooth is coming in- finally!)

3.  This weekend, with the help of my WHOLE family, we painted the whole exterior of our house in one day!  
The curb appeal just went up! (Not to mention, we saved a ton of money by doing it ourselves.)

4.  All the girls in the family went and did some painting at Yes, You Canvas for my mom's birthday.
If you can't tell that's an ocean scene. :)

5.  The whole duck family- mom, dad, and 10 babies are hanging out in our backyard sometimes.  I love it!

How was your week?

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Apple & Bee Baby Cos Bag Review {Sponsor Spotlight}

Apple & Bee is an Australian owned company that was started two people, Brett Pattison and Claire Morris, who both share a passion for the very best in contemporary environmental design. The aim of Apple & Bee is to produce beautiful, everyday cosmetic, travel, and baby bags without harming the environment.  They want to have the lowest possible impact on the environment which is why they are carbon neutral and donate part of their profits to environmental organizations.

This adorable giraffe design cosmetic bag is designed to hold all your essentials for a day out and about.  It is made with 100% certified organic cotton which means it is nice and safe for your baby.  This little bag measures 11.81 x 7.87 inches, but it's the perfect size to hold diapers, wipes and a bottle AND it will fit snugly inside your diaper bag or under your stroller. The inside is lined with the signature Apple & Bee bee design fabric and has a small zippered pocket.

 Sometimes I don't want to take in a big diaper bag when I am out and about with my little guy.  This baby cos bag is perfect for those times.  Even though this is relatively small in size I was able to fit two disposable diapers, a travel wipes case, my wallet, iPhone, keys, sunscreen, pouch, teething ring, and a small pack of Boogie Wipes!  That's practically everything I need to take when I go out.  This would also be great to help keep your diaper bag more organized or to stick the 
"baby stuff" in your regular purse.

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Buy It:  You can buy the Apple & Bee Baby Cos Bag on their website for $24.95.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nuby iMonster No-Spill Cup Review

Nuby iMonster No-Spill Cup Review

When babies begin to show interest in feeding themselves, having the right equipment is a must! Nûby™ feeding accessories are made to withstand the challenges of daily use and retain their fun bright colors. The iMonster™ No-Spill™ Cup has a unique one piece, No-Spill™ soft silicone spout that is easy to use and easy to clean. The spout promotes the natural drinking action and healthy oral development. The newly designed valve opens with minimum pressure and doesn't require constant sucking that can damage new teeth and soft palates. It also features an Easy Grip™ base that is perfect for your child’s transition to self feeding.

 I've been trying to get Baby Boy to like drinking water from a sippy cup for awhile now.  He just wasn't interested.  Then I decided that I must not have the right cup.  It didn't seem like he was really getting anything from the harder tip sippy cup we were using previously.  So, when we got our iMonster Cup I was excited to see if he would have some better luck at actually sipping the water since it has the soft silicone spout.  Good news!  He did!  Plus, he can actually pick this cup up and drink from it himself.  Of course, he still prefers for me to hold it for him, but when he really wants some he goes for it.  The iMonster Cup actually is No-Spill too.  I can hold it totally upside down and no water will leak out.  I do wish that this cup came with a cap though.  I think that would make sure it stayed clean when I stick it in the diaper bag to go.  The bright colors and monster face make this sippy cup attractive and fun for the Baby Boy to use everyday! 
(Don't you love that we are still using our Valentine's Day bib in May?)


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Buy It:  You can buy the Nûby iMonster No-Spill Cup at,,, BuyBuy Baby, and DD's Discounts.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pampers Kandoo Review

Pampers Kandoo is a line of Kid Friendly products that includes hand soap, shampoo, body wash and hand sanitizer specifically designed to help children get clean on their own.  I love that it is made with natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and hair.  All of the products are mild formulas with no sulfates, parabens or phthalates.  Plus, they have easy to use pumps and great scents that make kids want to get clean and unique bottles that are 
designed to be fun and easy to use.

Pampers Kandoo sent me their 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo to try out.  Of course, it's tear free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.  It contains Vitamin E and Natural Fruit Extracts to clean and condition your little's hair.  The froggy bottle fits in perfectly corner of the tub for easy use by kids (or adults)!  It's a light purple color, smells yummy, and suds up nicely when washing hair.

Pampers Kandoo also sent me their Flushable Toilet Wipes.  These wipes clean up to 30% better than toilet paper! They're moistened with lotion and pop up from the tub or soft pack with the push of a button designed for little hands.  Each wipe is about the size of 2 pieces of toilet paper.  Plus, these wipes are safe for sewer or septic systems!  You can get the Kandoo Flushable Wipes in Sensitive and the Magic Melon scent.

NEW KANDOO! Meet the new Kandoo Clean Crew frogs and take the Oath to keep yourself super clean at They will be giving away 1000 Super Power Clean Kits each month! Look for the new and improved Kandoo Personal Care line, including Shampoo, Body Wash, and Hand Soap at most major retailers and online.

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Buy It:  Find a retailer near you here.

Win It:  One lucky person is going to win (1) pack of 42 count Kandoo wipes and (1) Kandoo Hand Sanitizer or Kandoo Hand Soap.  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.

Open to U.S. & Canada.  Ends 6/3
Congratulations Jamie B.!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

8 Things We Love At 8 Months Old

Baby Boy turned 8 months old this weekend.  It's crazy how time flies.  I seriously can't believe it's already been so long since he was born!  These are just 8 of the things that we love now that he's 8 months old.  Things seem to change so fast and I thought other moms might be able to benefit from our favorites list.  Of course, everyone and every baby is different, so this is just what works for us. 

1.  Books-  Baby Boy LOVES reading books.  It's gotten to the point now that sometimes when the book is over he starts crying.  One of his favorites is Panda Bear, Panda Bear.  He loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear too.  Plus, all of the touch and feel books- Trucks, Farms, Puppies & Kittens...

2.  Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy-  Baby Boys really likes songs and this puppy sings a lot of different songs.  Some of them are Itsy, Bitsy Spider, ABC's, If You're Happy and You Know It, and a lot more.  Everytime this starts singing he smiles.

3.  Puffs- My child loves to eat and puffs were the first "solid" food he starting eating.  So far his favorites are blueberry and sweet potato.

4.  Fisher Price Healthy Deluxe Booster Seat - At first we had Baby Boy eating in his highchair every day, but after I got this booster seat, I haven't used the high chair again.  In fact, it's in the attic now.  I love it because it's so easy to get out of the way and just push the seat under the table when I'm not using it.

5.  Soft Blocks-  My mom got these blocks a while ago and I put them in the closet.  I decided to get them out when I was looking for a new toy for Baby Boy to play with and he really likes them.  He loves knocking down the towers I build, chewing on them, throwing them around, and just holding them.

6.  Vtech Laptop- Actually, one of Baby Boy's favorite "toys" is my iPhone or the TV Remote, but he does really like this little laptop.  It opens and closes, so he like to do that a lot.  Plus, press all the buttons.

7. Inflatable Bath Tub-  Once Baby Boy was sitting up he outgrew his reclining infant tub and we were ready to move on.  I'm loving this little inflatable bath tub.  It fits right inside the regular bathtub, but doesn't waste a lot of water since I don't have to fill up the whole big tub.  It's cushiony and contains all of his bath toys so he can reach them.  And, it was cheap.  Which is always good since I'm sure we won't be using it for too long.

8.  Jumpy-  We both love this Jumpy.  I actually got it at a garage sale for $5 and it's the best five dollars I've spent!  I hook it to the door frame in the bathroom while I'm getting ready for the day and he will jump happily for at least 15 minutes and usually a lot longer.  I think he might about to be too big for it soon- he's just getting too long. :(

What are some of you and your baby's favorites?

**I was not compensated in any way or asked to review any of these products.  These are just the things we love.**

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Real Kids Shades Review {Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight}


I live in Florida.  That usually means that it's hot.  And there's a lot of sun.  If you've read some of my other reviews about skincare then you know I am a stickler for sunscreen.  But, sometimes sunscreen just doesn't cut it.  It can't protect your eyes.  That's where Real Kids Shades comes in.  These are the doctor recommended sunblock you can apply directly to your kids’ eyes! They’re made with shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses because it’s the best stuff kids’ sunglasses can be made from. 

 As a mom, I am definitely concerned with protecting my baby's eyes.  That's why our Real Kids Shades are a necessity, not just an accessory in our house!  Real Kids Shades sent us the 0-24 Infant Hat Sun Combo in Blue, the 0-36 Xtreme Elements Navy, and the 0-24 My First Shades Greenfrogs for review.  

The My First Shades in the Sun Hat combo fit perfectly, as did the hat.  Look how cute he looks at the pool and the beach!

This sunhat has UPF 50 for maximum protection from the suns rays.  It also stays put!  It is definitely our new favorite sun hat (and we have a lot)! My First Shades come in sizes 0-24 months and 2-5 years.  They offer 100% UV protection and are professional grade polycarbonate, shatterproof, and impact resistant.  These can even be fitted with prescription lenses if your little one needs it.  I absolutely love the wrap around design for a close, comfortable fit that really minimizes peripheral light.  The double sides adjustable neoprene band keeps these shades comfortably and securely in place. It was really easy to adjust these to fit Baby Boy- even while they were right on his head!  My First Shades line was designed with the help of a pediatric ophthalmologist for optimal fit, comfort and safety.  These shades are even FDA approved!

Real Kids Shades are made to be worn year-round, the banded frames fit just as well under ski helmets as they do bike helmets, so you know your child's eyes will be protected no matter what they're doing! Real Kids Shades are also lead-free and contain no bisphenol A or phthalates.  All shades go through a rigorous product testing program to ensure that your child's safety is put first!

 The Xtreme Elements Shades are perfect for your active, stylish little one.  The Xtreme Elements style is available in size 0-36 months and age 3-7 years old. They come in a variety of colors too.  The loop lenses are made from shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate.  The frames are foam-backed polycarbanate for comfort and durability.  These glasses come with comfortable foam padding and an adjustable neoprene band to keep them securely in place.  The Xtreme line includes a microfiber sleeve to clean lenses and protect the shades.

Everyone loves to be out in the sun, but the sun can do damage to your skin and eyes.  Make sure you protect your child from the permanent and irreparable damage the sun could do your child's eyes! 

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jack & Lily Shoes Review #TotallyToddler {Sponsor Spotlight}

Jack & Lily is committed to the development of high quality baby footwear. Lovingly designed with a baby’s sense of touch in mind, their footwear uses the best ‘Lamb Touch’ leather available. Jack & Lily owners have been in the leather business for 25 years and have perfected the art of sourcing out quality materials that ensure healthy and comfortable feet, while keeping up with the latest fashions. With more than 200 combinations of contemporary colors and distinct styles to choose from, Jack & Lily is proud to be providing ultra-soft, fashionable shoes for babies and toddlers throughout the world.  All of their shoes have flexible soles to allow for freedom of movement which is essential for those new walkers!  

I was sent the Jack & Lily My Shoes Sandals in brown for review.  These shoes are hand-crafted with breathable, premium leather and Jack & Lily's signature durable, soft, flexible, rubber sole. Additional features include suede lining, 3 MM’s of cushioning for the sole and ankle. They have velcro which makes it easy to put on and stay on. This is a true soft-sole shoe that can be used outdoors or indoors.  I was sent size 6-12 months, but should you order size 0-6 months the sole is made from suede with two non-slip pads to provide extra flexibility to your baby's developing feet. 

These sandals are superb quality.  You can smell the lovely leathery scent when you take them out the box.  The sole is a flexible rubber, so it will be great for when Baby Boy starts standing, taking his first steps, and walking.  The velcro straps make sure that the shoe will stay in place securely even when my little guy is wiggling and squirming.  

Not only are these shoes great quality but they are also super adorable!  Living in Florida sandals are a must, so it was a no brainer for me to get these for Baby Boy.  Unfortunately, I did not consult the size finder for Jack & Lily and just ordered the 6-12 month size since my little guy is 8 months old.   That was my mistake- Jack & Lily sizes are a bit different than the traditional sizes we see here in the U.S.  The size 6-12 months is comparable to a size 4-4.5, and Baby Boy is currently about to grow out of size 2.  So, these are way too big for him right now, but I'm hoping they'll fit in a couple of months since we still have our hottest months ahead of us this summer.   Don't worry though, we'll definitely get plenty of wear out of these pretty much any month of the year! 

Jack & Lily has so many wonderful options for any little guy or girl!

Follow & Connect: You can Like Jack & Lily on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Buy It:  Jack & Lily shoes range in price from $25.00-$36.00 You can buy them on their website or find a store near you.

Win It:  Come back Monday 5/13 to enter to win a pair of shoes in your choice in the Totally Toddler Giveaway Hop!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 
I may not be teaching in the classroom this year, but I truly appreciate every teacher!  It is one hard job and often times a thankless one as well.  Luckily, wonderful colleagues, amazing students and families, and seeing the difference you make in a child's life makes it so worth putting up with the rude parents, low pay, and unrealistic expectations from politicians that haven't set foot in a classroom. If you haven't bought your child's teacher a gift yet for this week- you need too.  And make it a gift card. ;) 
Funny Workplace Ecard: Pinning teaching ideas should get you some kind of professional development credit. 

Art of the Teacher - 5x7" - Teacher  gift 

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