Friday, May 31, 2013

High 5 For Friday 5/31

High 5 For Friday!
1.  Baby Boy is standing up and playing with/on his toys now.

2.  He's also learned how to pull up on our ottoman and grab my phone.  (Plus, his very first tooth is coming in- finally!)

3.  This weekend, with the help of my WHOLE family, we painted the whole exterior of our house in one day!  
The curb appeal just went up! (Not to mention, we saved a ton of money by doing it ourselves.)

4.  All the girls in the family went and did some painting at Yes, You Canvas for my mom's birthday.
If you can't tell that's an ocean scene. :)

5.  The whole duck family- mom, dad, and 10 babies are hanging out in our backyard sometimes.  I love it!

How was your week?

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