Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nuby iMonster No-Spill Cup Review

Nuby iMonster No-Spill Cup Review

When babies begin to show interest in feeding themselves, having the right equipment is a must! Nûby™ feeding accessories are made to withstand the challenges of daily use and retain their fun bright colors. The iMonster™ No-Spill™ Cup has a unique one piece, No-Spill™ soft silicone spout that is easy to use and easy to clean. The spout promotes the natural drinking action and healthy oral development. The newly designed valve opens with minimum pressure and doesn't require constant sucking that can damage new teeth and soft palates. It also features an Easy Grip™ base that is perfect for your child’s transition to self feeding.

 I've been trying to get Baby Boy to like drinking water from a sippy cup for awhile now.  He just wasn't interested.  Then I decided that I must not have the right cup.  It didn't seem like he was really getting anything from the harder tip sippy cup we were using previously.  So, when we got our iMonster Cup I was excited to see if he would have some better luck at actually sipping the water since it has the soft silicone spout.  Good news!  He did!  Plus, he can actually pick this cup up and drink from it himself.  Of course, he still prefers for me to hold it for him, but when he really wants some he goes for it.  The iMonster Cup actually is No-Spill too.  I can hold it totally upside down and no water will leak out.  I do wish that this cup came with a cap though.  I think that would make sure it stayed clean when I stick it in the diaper bag to go.  The bright colors and monster face make this sippy cup attractive and fun for the Baby Boy to use everyday! 
(Don't you love that we are still using our Valentine's Day bib in May?)


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  1. What a cute sippy! Ha ha, we use our holiday bibs all year round too!

  2. Love these soft spout cups - I hadn't seen them with the monster on the lid! How cute!

  3. What a cute sippy cup! I love this and my little guys will too!


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