Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seasons Harvest Review

Seasons Harvest is all about memories.  Creating family recipes that will stand the test of time and make you remember past memories. They started by making a barbecue sauce that was a family recipe and they took no shortcuts, no additives or coloring- just fabulous fresh, natural ingredients.

I was sent their Spirit of the Wild Sandwich Spreads/Dipping Sauces for review.  These were packaged very nicely in a rugged looking box. They would be a great unique gift for any meat lover or outdoorsman!  The pictures on the labels of each dipping sauce are really beautiful.  These Spirit of the Wild meat dipping sauces can be used with cold cuts of meat like beef, pork, ham or chicken, but they were especially created for meat sticks and jerky. 

This set includes 4 different 8 oz. jars including:
Take Flight (slightly sweet)
North Woods (zesty cider taste)
Thundering Plains (smoky western flavor)
Rocky Ridge (hot and spicy)

Take Flight sauce has a slightly sweet brown sugar and mango taste and pairs well with all kinds of meats – especially poultry. It’s also great in stuffing.  Some suggestions include using the sauce mixed with mayo to make a unique chicken salad dressing, use it in making deviled eggs, mixing it with the yoke and a touch of mayo, and even mix it with cream cheese all make a tasty veggie dip for cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, brussel’s sprouts.

The zest and zip of the North Woods sauce makes it great with venison and other wild game, but also with beef and corned beef.  You could also use it as a kettle chip or taco chip dip, mix it with sour cream to make a great shrimp dip, or in place of mustard or mayo on meat sandwiches or burgers!

Try the Thundering Plains if you like it spicy!  This would be great for flavoring meatloaf or added to baked beans.

The Rocky Ridge has some pizazz with it's cajun flavor!  Great with pork and sausages!  You could also add this to chili, stew or stir fries, gazpacho, or in some baked corned beef brisket.

My personal favorite just on taste alone was the Take Flight sauce.  I added it to some chicken salad I was making and it gave it a whole new edge and was really flavorful.  I can't wait to try some of the other sauces with different kinds of meat.  My dad is a hunter, so I've eaten quite a few different kinds of steaks in the past including venison, antelope, and caribou and I'm sure that these sauces would really add some unique flavoring.  I also love some of the other suggestions from Seasons Harvest on different ways to use these sauces!

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