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Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System Review & Giveaway


Dermagist's Complete Rejuvenation System is a 3 product kit, precision formulated to attack ALL the signs of aging.  Until now, anti-aging-focused products weren’t targeted properly. They tried to tighten the skin with chemicals. The Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System takes a much different approach by aiming to help wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores, and lessen the visibility of redness and discoloration. This all-around approach is what makes it a much more “complete” product for the skin than the other age-defying products you find on the market.

 One Jar of Original Smoothing Cream
One Bottle of Dynamic Age Defying Serum
One Bottle of Instant-Effect Lifting Serum
One Instruction sheet detailing your exact use of the products.

The Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System® is a method of combining the use of three high powered, uniquely effective formulas on a daily basis for a 30-45 day period. After the initial cycle of the System, a user may choose to repeat the cycle, OR simply continue to use the formula(s) of their choice.

How does the Complete Rejevenation System work?

The Dynamic Age Defying Serum is supposed to be smoothed over cleansed skin twice daily morning and night.  This serum goes on thin in an even layer and feels light and has a slight citrus scent.

The Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is to be smoothed over cleansed skin until absorbed morning and night.  I felt that this acts more like a night cream. It goes on pretty more thick, but does not feel greasy- it does feel heavy, but looks matte on your skin. It gives good moisture without making me break out like most night creams do.  This also has a citrus scent.

The Instant Effect Lifting Serum is to be smoothed over cleansed skin until absorbed and used daily.  This serum had a wet feeling, but was thin enough to wear during the day under your moisturizer and make up.  It  absorbed into my skin in less than a minute.   This looked matte on my face- not shiny or greasy.  This serum doesn't really seem to have any particular scent.

Because these products do not contain sunscreen and I need a daily cream that has SPF in it I did not use all 3 products every morning.   Three products, an SPF moisturizer, plus makeup would have been way too much.  I did use the instant effect lifting serum everyday under my regular SPF moisturizer and makeup.  And then I used the age defying serum and wrinkle smoothing cream on cleansed skin every night before bed.

What did I think of the Dermagist Complete Rejevenation System?

I felt like I saw dramatic difference in the texture and smoothness of my skin.  This system  helped with my uneven skin tone as well.  It just made my whole face look more fresh and clean looking without all of the makeup that I generally "need" to even out my coloring and blemishes. I didn't see a dramatic difference in wrinkles but that always seems to take a lot more time for me to see any noticeable improvements.  My pores are starting to get less noticeable as well which has always been another problem of mine.  Another fact that may be useful about these products is that they are safe for pregnant women to use because there aren't any retinoids in them like most other wrinkle and age defying creams, but of course, always check with your own doctor first! 

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You are not eligible to win if you've won a prize from Dermagist before.

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Congratulations Beth Ann!
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  1. I would like to try this because it helps even skin tone and anything that helps me wear less make up is great!

  2. I would like to try it to stop or slow down aging especially after I had throat cancer in remision but left neck and face with wrinkles and very dry skin

  3. I would love to try this because it is summertime and I would love to reduce my pore size, moisturize my skin, and wear less makeup.

  4. my hubby is a bit older than I am so I would like to win this giveaway for him since he is showing signs of aging

  5. My Skin Is Already Showing Signs Of Aging At 22, I Want To Slow It Down, And Possibly Reverse it.

  6. I would like to try it to even the skin tone and reverse sun damage. Being from a place where there was lots of sun and now being in the middle of the country I look out of place. I read the reviews and it looks like this stuff does miracles. I would really love to try it. It would be such a blessing to win this. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win! :)


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