Friday, June 21, 2013

Petite Lemon Review & Giveaway

Ever since my nephew was born my sister has had his bedroom perfectly decorated.  Even when her little family found out they were going to have to move to a new city 6 weeks after he was born, she made sure he came home to an adorable nursery.  Six months after that they had to move to a new place again.  Then, six months later, my brother-in-law's job moved them back home.  Every single place my nephew, Henry, had a super cute bedroom.  One thing that was missing though was a fun cute growth chart to keep track of how fast Henry grows!  Most likely, they'll be moving again since my sister is always talking about they're outgrowing their town home.  So, I knew that a growth chart from Petite Lemon would be the perfect addition to his bedroom.   Not only do they have a ton of super cute options for growth charts, but they are extremely durable too.  I knew that it would be able to take another move (and any rough wear and tear from a curious toddler)!

Petite Lemon is a super adorable company that designs personalized decor, clothing, and stationary for your home and little ones.  They offer an exclusive, modern collection of decor, baby keepsakes, and gifts including personalized growth charts, alphabet posters, and lots of cute personalized shirts and keepsakes to help celebrate any special occasion.  All of their personalized growth charts, posters, baby keepsakes, and personalized tshirt collections are created with craftmanship, care, and love.  Plus, they are printed and created in the USA.

 My nephew is really into trucks right now.  Well, he's actually into anything that moves.  Whenever we are out on a walk he points out every truck, van, motorcycle, school bus- you get it.  He loves it!  There were a couple of really cute options for a personalized growth chart for boys that are interested in transportation, but ultimately, I decided on the On the Go Growth Chart in Primary Colors since it would match the colors in his bedroom now and most likely match any bedroom decor he would get in the future.  This particular design  is also available in teal & orange, sky blue & lime, or navy & red color hues. 

The quality of this growth chart is superb.  It's custom printed on a really thick heavyweight 100% cotton canvas with aluminum grommets for hanging.  Personally, I would use those Command hooks so that you can just hook the growth chart on the wall with no damage.  This fine artist canvas material will definitely be able to withstand a move or two without having to worrying about any damage to the chart.  You can use a permanent marker to keep track of your child's height through the years.  My sister and nephew were both very happy with this growth chart!  I would definitely recommend Petite Lemon the next time you're looking for a special personalized gift!  In fact, I think I might have to get one of their personalized tshirts for Baby Boy's upcoming 1st Birthday in September!

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  1. The growth charts are so adorable!

  2. I think I'd save the credit & use it toward our Christmas cards this year -- they have some great holiday photo card designs!

  3. Growth Chart Or Best Dad Ever Tee, It's A Tie!

  4. the roaring race car red tee shirt for my grandson.

  5. I like the zoo friends - tickle me pink Alphabet poster.

  6. love their rock on lil brother tshirt

  7. I like the SCHOOL DAYS - YELLOW

  8. I think you made the right choice. Petite Lemon does have a wide range and their color selections are delightful. Maybe it's because the colors you chose are my preferred shades as well, but I absolutely love that growth chart.

    The only other option I would have probably gone for is one in shades of blue or purple. However those aren't as bright as the shades I tend to like decorating any area of the home with. Charts are supposed to brighten up a room, I think and these do that very well.


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