Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Have a sneak peek at the new range of Nuby CLIK IT cups!

Nûby has a NEW range of cups that will be launching shortly in Target stores!  
They are very excited about this range and hope you will be too!

Here's a first look at the new CLIK IT! cups:

 Nuby's new Clik-it range of cups offers leak proof technology that you can see and hear so moms and dads won't have to worry about spills and leaks!  I was sent the No-Spill FlexStraw Clik-it Cup for review.  Baby Boy has tried lots of sippy cups while we've been trying to find the "perfect one" and he's had the most success with the straw cups, so I was really happy to try out this new cup!  The FlexStraw cup is engineered to fit in a child's small hands with it's ergonomic innovative shape and easy grips on the bottle. Baby Boy reached for the cup right away and had no trouble holding this cup at all.  We loved the design of it!
The straw in this cup is a soft silicone that is designed to prevents spills and drips while still being delicate to sensitive gums and new teeth.  Baby Boy did have some trouble drinking from this cup.  He wasn't able to push on the straw with his gums and suck hard enough to get very much water out.  He mostly just liked to chew on the straw.  I tried using it and it is harder to use than the other straw sippy cups that he's used too.  This cup is recommended for 12+ months and Baby Boy was only 9 months old when we first tried this cup, so we will save this to try again when he is a little bit older.  For now, Nuby recommended that I remove the hard, plastic extender straw from the spout.  When it was removed my little guy was able to tilt the cup back to get water from the spout.  Once he's older, I'll add the straw back to the cup.

 I loved how you could very clearly hear the "CLICK" when screwing on the lid so I knew that it was on tight and secure.  As you can see from the picture, the cup didn't even leak when I turned it completely upside down- not from the lid or the straw!

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Buy It:  The new range of Nuby Clik-It cups will be available Target starting July 28th!

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