Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY: Tutu Diaper Cake

My best friend is about to have her 3rd baby girl.  So soon she'll have 3 girls under 3. Yeah, you read that right! She's super women for sure! We had a little "sprinkle" to help her celebrate and I was in charge of the diaper cake. I've actually made diaper cakes for her first 2 girls and I thought the last one should be the best.  Browsing Pinterest one day I saw a super cute tutu diaper cake and thought I could definitely make that and this was my creation.

It was actually pretty easy. I've made a handful of diaper cakes in my day, so I had that part down.  To make the actual diaper cake you will need: a box of diapers, about 75 small clear rubberbands, about 8 regular to large size rubber bands, and a paper towel roll.

I used about 65-75 size 2 diapers for this 3 tier cake.  The first thing you have to do is roll all of the diapers and secure them with small clear rubber bands.  I used a paper towel roll as the middle support for this cake.  I've used bottles before too, but I feel like the paper towel roll was sturdier and easier to use. Put a big rubber band around paper towel roll and then stick the diapers under the rubber band and around it the roll.  The rubber band will secure them around the roll.  Then, put another rubber band around the first layer of diapers and stick the next layer of rolled diapers under the rubberband until the first layer is completely surrounded.  Follow the same step again to make the third layer.  Then, you do it again with two layers to make the second tier of the cake.  And one more time to make the top tier of the cake.  (I'm so sorry I didn't take any pictures of this process, but there are a ton of videos out there that you can use to help you.)

After I had the diaper cake made, I went shopping at Hobby Lobby for my tutu supplies.  I got 2 stretchy headbands, 2 big flower clips, 2 spools of tulle (one light pink, one dark pink), and a big artificial flower for the top.  What I love about this tutu diaper cake is that my BFF's little girl can actually wear the tutu and headband after the diaper cake is taken apart!

First, I cut the tool in about 16 inch pieces.  I guessing I used about 16-20 pieces of each color.  Then I secured one of the headbands around a basket to make it easier to knot the tulle on the headband. 

You use a simple slip knot to secure the tulle to the headband.  Just fold the piece of tulle in half, slip the folded end through the headband and pull the ends of the tulle through.  Then, tighten the knot on the headband by pulling on the ends of the tulle.

Keep on doing this around the whole headband alternating the colors of the tulle.  Then, just attach the flower clip to the tutu and put it around the 2nd tier of the diaper cake.  Add the second headband to the first tier of the cake and then add the second flower clip.   Cut the artifial flower the right size to sit just at the top of the cake and stick it in the paper towel tube.  To finish it off, sit your cake on a cake stand and trim the bottom of the tutu so it's all even.

Perfect for your next baby shower!  Have you ever made a diaper creation?
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  1. That is super cute. I've seen diaper cakes before, but never with a tutu on it.

  2. I have a question I have the crochet headband the long one to make the tutu dress but how big does it have to be fit girls that wear sizes 5 to 6 and will it fit them and stretch out that big to fit them

  3. I made this yesterday for my granddaughters first baby is adorable, she is going to love it. Thank you so much for pinning this so I could "steal" it...

  4. I'm trying to make this and would like to know how many yards of tulle are required for each color.
    Also, If anybody could let me know where to find the clear rubber bands of different sizes. Thanks

    1. Too little too late, but the clear rubber bands are in the hair products section of the drugstores.

  5. Awesome idea! really have try this!


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