Friday, December 6, 2013

25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your 1 Year Old

Little Guy will be 15 months this Christmas.  I was struggling with what to fill his stocking with this year, so I did a little research and came up with these 25 stocking stuffers that would be perfect for a one year old.

1.  Playdoh
2.  Little books or bath books
3.  Fruit pouches
4.  Finger Puppets
5.  Little People characters
6.  Sippy Cup
7.  Toothbrush/Toothpaste
8.  Socks
9.  Bath Toys
10.  Balls
11.  Maracas or Egg Shakers
12.  Fun Magnets (shapes, numbers, letters, family photos, animals)
13.  Box of Animal Crackers
14.  Toddler Silverware
15.  Pacifiers
16.  Animal Figurines
17.  Bubbles
18.  Big Crayons/ Markers
19.  BabyLegs Leggings
20.  Harmonica
21.  Stickers
22.  Character Band-aids
23.  Hair accessories
24.  Teethers
25.  Beanie Baby or small stuffed toy

Hope this helps with your stocking stuffing this year!  Anything else we should add to the list?
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  1. Foam bath letters/numbers are a good one too!


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