Friday, February 7, 2014

Ready for potty training with The First Years Cars Potty System!

Well, from all the stories I’ve heard, I am not looking forward to the upcoming potty training days with my little guy. I’ve heard some terrifying stories (especially about potty training boys), so when The First Years contacted me about reviewing The Disney Cars Racing Mission Potty System I jumped at the chance to try to make this easier in any way possible. 

 When our potty first arrived I set it in our family room (still in the box) and my son was immediately running up to it to investigate. He found the engine sounds button immediately and proceeded to push it over and over again while laughing. I think I can safely say that feature was a hit! If you have a little one that is into Cars I think they’ll love the theme and 3-D graphics on this potty, the sculpted detail wheels and the fun Cars design on the lid! I’m hoping it will seriously encourage potty usage! 

Once you get your Cars Potty System out of the box you’ll see it comes in 4 parts: the base, the pot, and the removable training seat and cushion.  The sound feature is screwed into the base and all you have to do to assemble it is unscrew it and then screw it in the removable training seat so your little one can easier access the VROOM button.

The potty system is super useful because of it’s 3-in-1 design. The first stage is the sturdy potty chair. The cushion of the chair is really soft and well, cushiony.  The is designed perfectly for boys too! The pot comes out easily enough so it can be cleaned quickly.

Then, once your little one is ready to move on your potty base becomes a step stool to reach the big potty and the removable training seat fits right on the big family toilet.   The fit is really secure so there is no need to worry about it slipping off at any inopportune moment!

After you little once masters that your step stool can be used to reaching the sink for the all important hand washing!  It's even light enough for your little one to move it by themselves if they need to.

I definitely think this potty will be perfect when we start potty training soon! 

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Come back on February 10th to enter for the chance to win your own The First Years Cars or Princess Potty System!
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  1. What a fun way to train! Willing to try anything with my stubborn 2 year old little man!


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